Air Separation Unit

The expanded air generated from the Expansion Engine & R1 Expansion valve enters Air Separation Unit. The rich liquid containing Oxygen & Nitrogen is separated out in various stages along the lower & upper column.

Primary Function:

The rich Liquid collects in the lower column of Air Separation Unit after coming from R1 Expansion Valve & Expansion Engine. The final separation of air takes place in the upper columns using expansion valves RL & PL with pressure dropping from 4.5 kg/cm2 to 0.5kg/cm2 and the temperature to -1750C. The Nitrogen being more volatile separates out first & the Oxygen separated is stored in the condenser from where it is pumped by the Liquid Oxygen Pump into cylinders.

Spares Requirement

Some of the essential spares are listed below:

  • Temperature Scanner
  • Liquid Level Gauge
  • RTD Sensor
  • Compensating Cables
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Expansion valves
  • Perlite Powder
  • Top Column safety Valve- 0.68 kg/cm2 , size – 25mm x 40mm, 40mm X 50mm
  • Bottom Column safety valve – 6.8 kg/cm2 , size- 20mm X 40mm, 40mm X 50mm

Special feature of our product line:

  • Expansion valves spindles are made in SS 304 material.
  • Temperature Scanner from 8 points to 16 points as per the capacity of oxygen plant.
  • Liquid level gauge from 800mm wc to 1200 mm wc, 4” dial with aluminum casing.
  • Pressure gauge in 4’’ or 6”dials BCPM in SS as well as Brass bordurn.
  • Safety Valves are made from Carbon steel material and chromed for better workability. The seat is made from SS 304 material as per the requirement.
  • The Stuffing box and Valve Seats are made from extruded brass with the proper pitch as per the capacity of the plant. The required internal and external pitch is drilled properly for complete interchangeability.