Strategic Human Capital Consulting

Strategic Human Capital Consulting

Leadership Development

360⁰ ECS LIMITED offers a range of Leadership Development services, ranging from Post Assessment Development to Individualized Coaching Sessions customized to fit an Organization’s requirements and ultimately aligned to its Strategic Goals.

Our consulting focus is to assist Organizations in creating a Sustainable Leadership Development Model, where Key Leaders actively participate in the Mentoring Process Of Future Leaders. Additionally, we ensure that our Leadership Development Models engage and hold the attention of potential leaders through our “Field” & “Forum” approach, where Potential Leaders independently formulate and lead Business Impact.

Combination of strategies like improving long-term efficiencies and reducing cost with better utilization of existing assets, so as to garner better returns even during difficult times.

Projects through completion, with clearly measurable and visible ROI(s) for the business.


360⁰ ECS LIMITED strongly believes in a collaborative approach to Leadership Development, based on highly interactive discussions with Key Stakeholders which combine our expertise with the hands-on knowledge of the Client Organization, to co-create customized solutions for the Development of Potential Leader(s)

Leadership Development Intervention(s):

  • Training & Cross Cultural Orientation of CEOs & Leadership Team
  • Executive Coaching / Building Coaching Skills
  • Group Executive Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Development of Leadership Competencies

Competency Mapping, Assessment & Development

The 360⁰ ECS LIMITED Competency-based Talent Management Approach is holistic and looks at the full cycle of identifying potential and grooming them to feed into the Talent Pipeline. It maps Employee Capability to Organizational Competency Requirements which further helps drive HR Strategy. The idea is to move from Talent Management as an “Event” to Talent Management as a sustainable “Strategic Business Tool”.

Individual Competency Feedback and Developmental Guidance is provided to all participants based on their performance in the Assessment Centre. 360⁰ ECS LIMITED , in addition provides the Organizational Talent Inventory with a 9 Box Matrix clearly stating the Hi-Potentials and Mid-term Fits (for Higher Level Roles) along with the Organization- wide Strong & Low-scoring Competencies and Key Recommendations. These inputs can directly feed into the Succession Plan and build the Talent Pipeline

360⁰ ECS LIMITED also designs Technical & Functional Competencies across Industry Sectors by partnering with Industry Stalwarts and ex-CEOs from the relevant sector. 360⁰ ECS LIMITED has proven expertise in Position Profiling which maps the Job Role to the expected proficiency level of the Competency Framework.

360⁰ ECS LIMITED’s process of designing Career Paths & Career Lattices are conducive to an evolving Matrix Structure prevalent across several Organizations today, keeping in mind the ‘Career-Life Fit’ of employees. This provides them with flexible options to move horizontally or vertically in the hierarchy and change directions based on aspirations aligned to the overall Organizational Strategy.


T360⁰ ECS LIMITED firmly believes in deploying an end-to-end program that builds a Culture of Engagement within the Organization. We use the Survey Results to promote Dialog not to replace it. Our Action Plans are designed to keep the focus on Engagement alive throughout the year by an intensive follow-up mechanism by 360⁰ ECS LIMITED Principal Consultants

Employee Engagement Intervention(s):

  • Increasing Organizational Receptivity towards focus on Employee Engagement
  • Employee Engagement Survey
  • Facilitating Post Survey Action Planning tailored to the Organizational Needs
  • Providing real, long-term solutions that enhance Leadership and Workforce Effectiveness as well as improve related Organizational Systems and Processes
  • Great Manager Training for creating People Centric Managers & highly Engaged Work-groups
  • Training Managers on Employee Engagement Best Practices
  • Innovative Reward & Recognition Schemes
  • Attrition Management
  • HR & Career Planning
  • Competency Based Talent Acquisition System
  • Career & Succession Planning
  • Process Improvements
  • Competency Based Talent Acquisition System

The 360⁰ ECS LIMITED Value-Adding system based on competency profiling allows Organizations to recruit the most suitable candidates for each open Position. The system is developed specifically within the organizational context.

360⁰ ECS LIMITED uses sound principles of management and behavioral science to identify and articulate competency requirements for each Position concerned, within the client company’s overall Organization Structure and Personnel Policies.

360⁰ ECS LIMITED Consultants strive to ensure that personnel selected at all levels have the competencies required to carry out their functions with optimum efficiency. We at 360⁰ ECS LIMITED believe that the Talent Acquisition process should have positive outcomes for the Organization and the selected candidates and also be a growing/ learning experience for the candidates not selected.


  • The system ensures efficient and effective Recruitment
  • Based on sound principles of Behavioral Science that are relevant to the Organization
  • Helps to identify and retain relevant Competencies
  • Leaves a positive impact even on those not selected
  • Career & Succession Planning

Career planning is of significant relevance to both Individuals and Organizations. Corporate Career Planning is concerned with engaging the talents, motivations and creativities of people whilst aligning to business requirements. It helps to tap the potential of employees to the greatest extent, and to retain talented trained personnel by providing potential for professional and financial growth.

Succession planning prepares capable employees to take up more responsible roles when they become available. Internal Succession ensures continuity within the Organization. The time-tested Value-Adding model for Career and Succession Planning identifies needs, and projects future mapping of people resources. It ensures that there is a strong leadership pipeline in the organization, and that individuals are adequately prepared to make a seamless transition to positions of greater responsibility. It also gives ample consideration to meeting the aspirations of individuals.


  • Provides adequate career growth for employees
  • Ensures continuity of leadership in spite of retirements and resignations
  • Quite effective retention tool