Dust filter and Oil Absorber

The Dust Filter and Oil absorber are positioned after the Chilling Unit and before the moisture separator.

Primary Function:

The chilled air having temperature 60C – 100C is passed through dust filter and oil absorber. The oil absorber is filled with activated carbon granules and carbon filters at inlet and outlet. The primary function is to remove the traces of Oil and Dust entrapped in the air when it passes through the air compressor. The oil vapor if not removed properly, will result in damage of the molecular sieve when the air enters the molecular sieve battery.

Spares Requirement

  • Activated Carbon Filter
  • Dust Filter
  • Activated Carbon
  • Complete Assembly of Dust as well as Activated Carbon Filter

Special feature of our product line:

  • Activated Carbon - is procured from the coconut nut shell to give maximum quality 4X 8 size granules for maximum oil absorption
  • Dust filter of size - 70X40x500 & 80x50x500 in 5 microns material constitution.
  • Activated Carbon Filter size - 70 X 40X 100, 80x 50×100, 95 X 64X 200, 110 X 80 X 200 & 90 X 60 X 150 in 50 micron material constitution.