Expansion Engine

Positioning in the Plant:

The major part of the air from the heat exchanger no:1 enters the expansion engine which is placed before the Air Separation Unit.

Primary Function:

The expansion engine is a vertical single acting, reciprocating type of engine and plays most important role in cooling. The air enters the Expansion Engine, where it is expanded from 40 kg/cm2 to 5 kg/cm2 with temperature drops to –1500C. This produces the cold required for the plant.

Spares Requirement

Efficient functioning of Expansion Engine results in optimum production of the plant. Some of its important spares are listed below.

  • Cylinder Head
  • Cross Head
  • Crank shaft
  • Push Pump
  • Puppet Valve
  • Cam Set
  • Oil Pump
  • Oil Seals
  • Ball Valve Assembly
  • Alloy Steel Liner
  • Push Rods & its Springs
  • Teflon Piston Rings
  • Valve Block & its integral parts
  • Small End Bush & Big End Bearing

Special feature of our product line:

  • Ball Valve is manufactured using O2 grade special steel material suitable for the process type. The seat of the Ball Valve is treated with special heat treatment called Cryogenic Hardening in which the Seat is hardened at the ambient working temperatures of inlet and outlet.
  • Glass Field Teflon (GFT) and Carbon Filed Teflon (CFT) is molded from imported Original DUPONT material. Timely heat treatment and proper cutting prevents shimmer or deformation of the material if fitted properly in the Liner. We supply from 55mm to 110mm size suitable from 63 cu.mr/hr to 600 cu.mr/hr Oxygen Plant.