Filling Stations

Our esteemed company in the industry for manufacturing and supplying oxygen gas plant, which performs in compliance with ISO standard and CE norms. The products offer oxygen purity up to 99.7% making sought after for healthcare industry. While choosing a plant, buyers need to look for a number of features, including durability, sturdiness, reliability and ease of installation. Oxygen gas plants produce oxygen as well as nitrogen with purity 99.7% and 99.99% respectively. The plant produces highly pure oxygen gas, which is used in healthcare industry. Our company in technical collaboration becomes able to manufacture and supply technologically advanced oxygen gas plants. With a well equipped R&D unit, latest manufacturing facilities and technologically updated manpower, our company is producing low pressure turbo series oxygen gas plants.

Silent Features:

  • Very Simple Operation
  • Very Less Installation Time
  • No Water Required
  • No Regular Oil Consumed
  • Very Low Power
  • High Purity Oxygen 99.7% -99.9%
  • Uses Atlas Copco Rotary Air Compressor.


It is twin vessel Driers both are filled with Molecular Sieves.

The adsorption gas separation process in nitrogen generators is based on the phenomenon of fixing various gas mixture components by a solid substance called an adsorbent. This phenomenon is brought about by the gas and adsorbent molecules' interaction.
It is twin vessel Driers both are filled with Molecular Sieves. As the process air passes through molecular sieves, the molecular sieves absorb water Vapour and carbon – di- oxide(Co2) from the air and make the air dry. After about 10 hours the molecular sieves become saturated and it will have to be regenerated by blowing hot air or Nitrogen. Once the hot gas is blown through the saturated molecular sieves the CO2 and water Vapour discharged and the drier is ready to use again..


All the gas and air lines are pre-fabricated on the processed skid ready to use for high purification of air.

  • All equipments are mounted on process skid complete with
  • Gas line
  • Air lines
  • Water line

Spare parts for process skid:

  • Air compressor
  • Process skid
  • Expander
  • Air separation unit
  • Cryogenic Liquid Oxygen Pump with Cylinder Filling Station